Jacquie Sullivan
Councilmember, Ward 6
Bakersfield, CA

Jacquie Sullivan was first elected in 1995 to the City Council in Bakersfield, California. In November of 2008, she enjoyed her 5th re-election campaign with another strong victory. Jacquie has nearly 40 years of experience in the real estate business. In addition to her civic responsibilities, she manages her personally owned rental property.

Jacquie was born in Bakersfield. When she was in the first grade, she moved with her parents and her older sister to the beautiful area of Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe, California. Her father worked hard as owner of a small plumbing business. Jacquie attended local public schools and graduated with 32 classmates from Tahoe-Truckee High School. In the years since, class reunions have always been times of celebrating close, longtime friendships.

Jacquie is the mother of four children. Among her many civic commitments, she is a tireless activist for AIDS education and awareness. Her deep motivation for this special cause traces back to the AIDS-related death of her precious daughter, Joyce, in 1993. She is a frequent speaker at high school assemblies, church groups and civic meetings in her effort to promote AIDS prevention.

Jacquie is known in her community as a committed Christian and a dedicated patriot, promoting love and loyalty to both God and Country.

In 2002, Councilmember Sullivan led the Bakersfield City Council in their historic “Yes Vote” to proudly and prominently display the national motto of the United States of America, ‘In God We Trust’ in the council chambers at City Hall.”

In 2004, Sullivan initiated a non-profit organization under the name of In God We Trust – America, Inc. for the purpose of spreading the mission of patriotism across America.